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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

We all love seeing photos and videos of freshly remodeled spaces. The excitement builds as ideas and favorite pictures come together to show a glimpse of what our home could look like. As with everything else we shop for, price matters. Unfortunately in the home improvement world finding a semi-accurate price online to start building our budget around can be very difficult.

Then who do you trust? Do you trust the website from miles and miles away that says one number, or the google answer that has little to no background information.

My hope is to walk through with you what a bathroom remodel might cost in the Lincoln, NE area and some of the considerations you can bring up with your family members and your contractor.

How much will my bathroom remodel cost?

The simplest way to achieve this number is to think about the size and finish you desire. Bathrooms come in every shape and size, obviously the bigger the more it will cost. The next is what type of finish, and how many options you would like to add. With the products in todays world the sky is the limit for what is possible, but usually our budgets set boundaries for design.

$500-$600+/Sq. Ft.

Your imagination is the limit . Within this budget, we are looking at completely redesigning your space. Moving or adding walls, installing top of the line electrical and plumbing options. Custom showers, glass, vanity cabinets, and heated floors are all options available. A magazine worthy bathroom.

$350-$450/Sq. Ft.

In this range we are adding plumbing and electrical changes. Some drywall work. Higher cost per square foot for tile with more options such as niches, Onyx accessories etc. This also includes a higher budget for plumbing and electrical fixtures. A bathroom you will want to show everyone you know.

$300-$350/Sq. Ft.

In this price range we are looking at keeping a similar footprint as the existing bathroom. Minor layout changes and minor drywall repair. New flooring, and bathtub/shower are simpler tile or surround. Stricter budget for new plumbing fixtures and vanity. A bathroom to be proud of and enjoy.

There are still a million variables for how much your remodel can cost. Hopefully with these simple cost guidelines it helps narrow down the idea of what your project might cost. For help narrowing this down further please give us an email or phone call.

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